Code of Ethics

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Members of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand accept the responsibilities entrusted to them in their relationships with:

  • The clients they serve
  • The public at large
  • The profession of which they are a part

Specifically they have agreed:

  • To accept as a duty the maintenance of truth, accuracy, dignity and integrity
  • To maintain in all matters the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct
  • To obey the law in relation to the duties they perform
  • To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in them by reason of the role
  • To preserve within the bounds of dignity, practicality, the right of personal choice and decision making for the clients they serve, having due regard for their ethnic origin, philosophical and spiritual beliefs
  • To provide accurate information concerning the service they provide, the cost of the same and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of their clients.