Funerals enable us to express grief and loss but they're also an opportunity to say thank you and farewell, to celebrate a person's life and achievements and too acknowledge transition and change.

We all see the world through different eyes, have different beliefs and values, whether religious or non-religious the common dominator is love. Words, music, poetry and the beauty of the moment are available to us all whether you have secular or sacred beliefs. As a professional funeral celebrant I work with families to honour their loved one's life by... 

Celebrating life stories

Incorporating your values and beliefs

Involving family and friends 

Helping with readings, music and vision

Writing eulogies

Valuing family rituals and symbolism

How you honour your loved one is your choice, including the style and content of the funeral service or life celebration. If you want prayers and hymns, or a mix of popular music and reflection, the choice is yours as is the venue and who you'd like to officiate.